Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Activator Windows 8 Enterprise / Professional RTM Build 9200


Activate your Windows 8 Enterprise & Professional RTM until February 2, 2013.
I offer in this issue a new activator for Windows 8 Enterprise and Professional made by yours Scheduler ™.

The activator has the same process, the commands that are already circulating on the Internet to activate, but the difference here will keep it in a single EXE depending on the version you want.
All you need do is run the EXE with double click, if asked give administrator rights to another, if not asked, giving him run again right click and then left click run as Admin.

This method will offer you only the activation until February 2, 2013, so take advantage when you go to a luxury activators, which are already waiting impatiently and hopefully work 100%.


- These triggers activate only Windows 8 for 180 days until February 2, 2013, in leaving more activators.
- Credits for coding triggers and official author: Programmer ™
Download link:
Activator Windows 8 Professional<<
- Includes instructions inside the ZIP


  1. can you please post a real link. I really need this

  2. link is fine,but guess ur blind a little :p
    LINKS are under download text,click the version u want to download.
    and ,yes about the download a little help Click Here

  3. It always says "this page can't be displayed".
    This link ( never works!

  4. yeah this link never works.. waste of time.

  5. it works had a problem for 1-2 days now its all fine.