Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Mirillis Action! [Records in HD] [+ Serial]

Mirillis Action! Records in HD+ Serial 

Mirillis Action! It is an application that lets you capture images in video format and high quality (HD) and also capture still images.
The program is optimized to consume few processor resources allowing you to record items of your favorite games without that slow the system down. Also, if you want to exhibit your skills to the public played Mirillis Action! makes it easy by making it easier to publish videos taken both on YouTube and Facebook.

The program allows you to capture videos in limited areas. You can record what happens in the full record or just monitor what happens in one corner of it, just as you can for example move the recording to start in the upper left corner and record diagonally to the lower right corner.
Another advantage precisaras is no longer download videos from the Internet as Mirillis Action! can record what you are playing on a web site regardless of the type of player you are using.
The configuration program is very simple because only you have to give a few values: FPS (frames per second), the maximum size in If you want to limit and time to be recorded, also in case you want to indicate.

Download:Mirillis Action! [Records in HD] [+ Serial]

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