Sunday, August 12, 2012

Serial Ace Translator

I was recently acquainted with the program you have to be translated, so come down and hand write a review about this development from the company AceToolsThe client, in principle, quite simple to use, after installation, start-up and registration, you will need to write a text that needs to translate, then select the language that needs to translate and click on the button, after we get the result, Ace Translator download direct link – fast and free you able to our project by going to the full news.As you can see from the screenshot, you do not know the language of the original text, I like difficult to distinguish Japanese from Chinese, so developers have to define an automatic text you entered as a translator from Google. You simply insert the original text in the main window of Ace Translator, after the required translation and the language itself will be defined, it is very convenient in fact.
It is worth noting that the program supports 65 languages, and if you have a voice in the engine, then the typed text, you can listen, though performed only support 42 languages, we decided to choose the most frequent, which is why Ace Translator can be used as training typed text, as he listened to pronounce, remember and you can proceed further. Russian interface of the program is present, the settings as there are none at all, you simply have to select a language translation and paste the text, I think this manipulation can be considered complete. The only thing you’ll see a list of languages that can be operated Ace Translator, if you need to select the desired, although in general it is unnecessary. You entered the text can be copied by pressing a special button that can be sent to the printer, you can cut and return back to action. The program has a good mechanism for the transfer, and returning to the pronunciation of the text aloud to you, this feature works if typed text does not exceed one hundred characters, so this restriction led the developers on the official website they write, they think it’s enough to learn how to correctly pronounce the word, and in the future they want to remove this restriction. In general, I add about Ace Translator is nothing, a handy software to convert, works quickly, the result is quite good, I hope it is useful to you, too, do not forget to unsubscribe in the comments to that effect. 
Release Name : Ace.Translator. 
Developer :AceTools
  • License : ShareWare 
  • Language : Multi
  • Size : 2.07 MB 
  • OS : Windows 
Download : Ace Translator serial

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