Sunday, August 19, 2012

Windows 8 KMS Activator v1.5.1

Windows 8 KMS Activator v1.5.1
Activates Windows 8 via KMS activation. Activation lasts for 180 days, after 180 days simply run the program again.
- Serial insertion
- KMS Server Selection
- KMS Activating
- KMS Background activating (Constantly looks for and tries servers for activation)
- Metro inspired UI
- Language Pack Installing
- Windows Rearm (Works on 7 as well)
- Auto Server Updating
- Fixed the issue where it could not detect what server you picked
- Fixed the issue with the command popups
- Improved background activator
- More bug fixes

What to do if it doesn’t work:
- Make sure you ran it as Admin
- The KMS server might be down, more servers will be included in future releases
- Make sure you have the proper KMS key that you need installed, more keys and auto OS detection will be added in future releases
- Getting error saying something about non-core, you’re inserting a key not for your version
- Do not use a proxy
- If you have any other issues, post below
Download here 

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