Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Activator Microsoft Toolkit v2.3.2

Microsoft Toolkit 2.3.2 Final

Office Toolkit 2.3.2 is the new version of Activator Office 2010 Toolkit and EZ-Activator. According to words of the developer of this tool, there will be new versions of Office 2010 Toolkit as an independent and individual, but the new and improved versions of this trigger will come integrated into Microsost Toolkit.
Windows Toolkit 2.3.2 is a tool that also comes integrated with Microsoft Active Toolkit and some versions of Windows Vista and Windows 7.
Microsoft Toolkit includes two applications: Office Toolkit Windows Toolkit 2.3.2 and 2.3.2
With Microsoft Toolkit 2.3.2 can activate full Office 2010 suite or if you want only a single component of Office (such as: Word, Excel, PowerPoint or other Office 2010 program).
With Microsoft Toolkit 2.3.2 also activates some versions of Windows Vista and Windows 7.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR PROPER Office 2010 activation
Note: If not installed Microsoft.NET Framework 4 activator does not work ...
2. Once installed Framework.NET Framework 4, Microsoft Toolkit 2.3.2 depends execute Windows system you're using
  • Windows XP: Double click on the trigger.
  • Windows 7: Right-click on the trigger and then "Run as Administrator".
We chose one of the options: Well if we enabled versions of Office or Windows

3. Once elected MICROSOFT OFFICE q see there are many options but do not worry just have to give it to the tab "Activation" and then click on "EZ-Activator" and hope to activate our Office 2010 and finally to stand in this message should " Office 2010 was successfully activated "

4. We close the trigger and now check to see if the activation worked ... To do this, open any of the Office programs either Word, Excel, etc..go to the tab File and then click Help. Below the logo of Microsoft Office will see that says Product Activated.

5. This step is important because sometimes after a surprising time saying the office 2010 Office is not activated. Although I did not do this step and my Office 2010 so far is FULL
Sure to wonder what happened, if he was at 100%?
The problem is that since all the patches and cracks that apply to programs, often the antivirus detect it as virus and deleted the file and that is why the q cracked programs fail in their activation
To prevent this from happening ... Here is the solution
You have to add the folder AutoKMS (all its contents) to the antivirus exclusions primarily files (AutoKMS.exe) and KMSEmulator.exe. But I recommend you add entire folder and ready ...
The address of the folder is:
C: \ Windows \ AutoKMS
C: \ Windows \ KMSEmulator.exe


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