Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 [Multi6 English] [Full]

Technical Specifications:
Year: 2012 
Genre: Sport (Soccer) / 3D 
Platform: PC 
Developer: Konami 
Publisher: Konami 
Tablet: absent 
Language: Russian (RUS), English (ENG), Arabic (ARB), Turkish (TR), the Netherlands (NL) , ... 
Size: 5.76 Gb
Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 - continuation of the famous series of football simulators Japanese company Konami. The game will offer a free control of the ball passes completely by hand and strikes, lower dropping rate, greater control over the goalkeeper and improved artificial intelligence.

Total Control, freestyle, high quality
This new version of the popular football simulator is designed to meet the desires and fans of the series of deals. 13 PES offers the freedom to choose the style of play, full control of the ball to hit the target, meticulously recreates the individual football stars - the nuances of facial expressions to brand devices. So, the three main features of PES 13 - FullControl PES, Player ID and AI Proactive.
FullControl PES offers complete freedom of movement in the virtual football field, the ability to vary the style of the first contact and the "manual" transmission control of the ball and shot on goal. In addition, improved dribbling, now is more in line with the actual pace. With just a couple of buttons you can change the speed of the ball, sending it past his opponent and pick up again, closing the house, while his teammates will not open for the pass. Also provides full control and protection.
Player ID is responsible for the conduct of the re-created in the game of football stars: are fully replicate their traditional counterparts. In total, PSA 13 shows a virtual twin fifty best players in the world, including Cristiano Ronaldo, who became the face of the new PES season.
AI ProActive ensure realism of what is happening in the virtual pitch. In particular, due to the new improved AI and goalkeepers suitable animation than before, to respond to the situation at the door, and gardeners make the right decisions quickly and tactically better defenses maintenance.
Visual aid. Training sessions - one of the most popular features of the PES series - output to a new level. A series of "tutorials" will help deal with the celebration of quick passes with manual control to hit the ball, and hone the skills of interaction with the players, not holding the ball, and practice to beat the goalkeeper. 
Live football. Popular modes of "Master League" (Master League), "The Legend" (Become a Legend) and "Red Master League" (Master League Online), but united in PES 2012 titled "Football as a way of life" ( Football Life), have undergone significant changes and replenished with new opportunities for the development of the club. In particular, it is now possible to make money to sign a contract with a personal trainer who is able to eliminate the weaknesses of the team. Much more transparent than previously transfers and the reasons for the termination of negotiations - more apparent. 
Staying in touch. In the "Network Master League" A new classification system, called Classification Rival. The criteria for the distribution of the players of a similar level, while communities are the cities (a total of 240), the table also shows which of the local participants online.Players can create leagues, exchange messages and call others in the race.

System Requirements:
-Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8 GHz or equivalent AMD processor 
-Video Card: Nvidia Geforce 6300 or ATI Radeon X1200 or Intel HD Graphics 3000 
-Memory: 1 GB or more 
-OS: XP, Vista and Windows 7 
-SOUND Additional Information: Any sound card that supports DirectX 9.0 
-Resolution: 800 × 600 or more

1. Mount image 
2. Enter serial V7TV-W3JX-6CC3-3DDU-Y3W7 
3. Install the game 
4. Paste crack


Download Full Game Here

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