Saturday, September 8, 2012

Windows 8 RTM Offline Activator

This is a simple post, so grozo nothing to explain, let alone Offline Activation [No Internet] for Windows 8 RTM, since I have seen the controversy on the web, and especially the discouragement from the output of the new OS.

I keep Caps do not consider it necessary steps to activate your Windows is summarized in two simple clicks you will explain below.
If I'm wrong in this, that the MASTER corriga.Nada me friends it was time to try the Windows Genuinely running.
We must always remember that the activation is made for 6 Languages [ENU-KOR-JPN-ENG-CHS-ZHH], is also the first thing I ask, why not for the Spanish. Quiet is already working on it, since Microsoft released Windows Platform in OS language activation, ie Windows Activation continually check lotes.Bueno then only remains while the option if we leave it on our Windows using the Full method (Offline), use it in the English version, just for now.
leave a link to your Activator Windows 8 RTM in all verions to 32 and 64 bits, and leave a very useful tool for those who do not have it enabled to change the settings of your Windows startup and appearances, also included in the compressed mode Patch Trial remove our Windows, the latter posted a few days ago by one of our moderators.
-Activation without having to be connected to the Internet
-Supports all editions of Windows 8 RTM to 32 and 64 Bit
-Supports only 6 languages: [ENU-KOR-JPN-ENG-CHS-ZHH]
-The download file weighs: 27.8 MB
1. - Unzip the downloaded file
2. - Run the file with privelegios Activate your Win8.exe Admin (can be connected or disconnected from the Internet, as the title says)
3. - you will get a black screen in the CMD which shows the following message:
Activator ...... Will Be installed on your computer. Continue? [Y / n]:
-Oppressed and hold * and * - and the file will perform the entire process.
4. - The installation culminates with an automatic restart of the PC.
Rar Archive screenshot:

Download Here

Well folks, enjoy the activation of Windows 8 RTM [No Internet], and continue to work whenever:
For and .... in search of knowledge .....

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