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Windows 8 Manager 1.0.0 Final [Tune & Optimize Win 8] [Admin @ Activation] [x32-x64]

Optimize your Windows 8 with Windows 8 Manager

Although not yet seen its official release, Windows 8 is on the minds of all developers and programmers. Is that the next operating system Microsoft promises many changes and a host of new features that many seek to exploit. However, there are those who still remain in view, with new features or not, there are certain things that the new OS from Redmond will not change.
In this sense, we all know that any such system will see its performance declines as it is used. This is a drawback prevented by common sense, a feature that has historically in all OS. Well, imagine that Windows 8 is not free from the problems of junk files, processes mismanaged and inconsistency in the registry, a company has developed Windows 8 Manager, the first application to optimize the performance of the brand new OS in order to make the most.

Deep Cleaning System

One of the essential functions of Windows 8 Manager is to remove all the junk files take up unnecessary space. In this regard, this tool will scan the whole system to find content that do not serve a purpose, you display them in an organized way and allow you to define your future.
Furthermore, this work package is able to find duplicate files for deletion and remove all unused icons on your desktop to find. As if that were not enough, we also get an intelligent uninstaller prevent residual contents remain when removing unwanted programs.
Cleaning the registry will also come up, the nerve component of the system. Thus, this tool will check the integrity of the repair invalid entries, reindex the entire registry and rebuild any damaged that is in that sector.

An excellent method of optimization for Windows 8

For more innovative and technology that Microsoft says is its Windows 8, the fact is that it presents a noticeable dip in performance after prolonged usage sessions. In this regard, Windows 8 Manager is able to improve the speed of system startup and shutdown automated by adjusting certain parameters.
Also, the software has the necessary options to set some properties of the hardware, resulting in greater speed in system operation. Of course, you will have some alternatives to control and manage the processes of Windows 8. With these tools it is possible to turn and adjust unnecessary services activation thereof.

Get information about your system

Another feature you will have on service is to obtain specific data about everything related to your system. Thus, one can think of this as a working module device manager combined with a number of attendees to understand the status of all software installed on the PC.
In addition, Windows 8 Manager also includes tools to know the state of the system and what are the main problems that must be repaired. Sure, the program goes much further, since you a one-click solution to all these problems (similar to what you provide TuneUp Utilities).

Your networks to their full potential

If there is something that Windows 8 will characterize and differentiate itself from all previous Microsoft OS, this is its integration with the cloud. That blessed notion of being connected all the time with online services is the trend that is being promoted heavily in recent times. But, of course, to enjoy the fullness of all the alternatives that offers such a feature, it is best to have a high quality connection.
Because many times the connection problems originate in the system itself and not line components of the connection, Windows 8 Manager bundles some functions to deal with them. In this sense, enjoy automatic adjustments to optimize network configurations in order to get the most of your bandwidth.
Also, the inclusion of a simple tool to change the IP manually when you need to avoid having to embark on complicated tasks that achieve the same results. And that's not all, because if you have advanced computer skills, you can use this application to edit the Hosts file and thus achieve a higher connection speed and much more fluid.

Safety first

Not content to handle the wide range of programs that detail above, the Manager Windows 8 developers have decided to include options to improve the work in other areas of the system that are often neglected by software optimization. In this regard, one of the most important is security.
Fortunately, this platform has features that allow you to control the access permissions system, restricting locations according to user accounts, define encryption policies and to move content protected areas sensitive to their current folders.
In addition, and with knowledge that security is much more than protection from malware attacks, this application will offer alternatives to eliminate all traces of your activities that may have been recorded in the system, as well as others to recover files that have been deleted from accidentally. This way, you will gain peace of mind, because all possible fronts where there may be a gap will be covered.

A world of miscellaneous functions

As to crown the offering Windows 8 Manager, you will encounter a number of utilities that although they can not be encompassed in any of the categories set out above, you will be of great value. Among these, you'll run into tools for creating backups of everything on the system as well as options for operating within the registry for intuitive and fast.
Moreover, you will have an entire section on customizing the system to explore in depth. Thus, you can use some alternatives here including Windows 8 to make it more like the look you have in mind. Is that you will have options to change the look of the Explorer, the Start menu, notification area and other common areas.
Likewise, you can also change radically the way the whole system is, from the boot screens to the tiniest details within each of the spaces of Windows. As such, this application is presented as a good alternative for those looking to not only optimize your OS, but also for those who wish to adjust their appearance at will.
Windows 8 Manager v1.0.0 released!

OS: Windows 8 [x32/x64]
RELEASE DATE : 10/09/2012
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